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[ljuser]bibliogrrl[/ljuser] hooked me up with: Robots! (not just robots, but robots!), breakfast meats, roadkill, naysayers, elegance.

and this is what you do: From [ljuser]bibliogrrl[/ljuser], it’s the WORDS meme. Reply to this entry with “WORDS” if you’d like me to choose some words for you to talk about.


About two weeks ago, I voluntarily did a homework assignment for my AI class two weeks ahead of time. Why? Because I got to write a short paper about, and therefore got to research, a robot. I want a robot, friends. The first one of you to become independently wealthy is responsible for purchasing, or at least maintaining the $166,000-a-year lease on, my ASIMO. I need a child-sized robot that can recognize faces so that in 5 or 10 years, if my mom turns into one of those TV moms bugging me to produce grandchildren, I can point to the robot and say “but little ASIMO is my child! OF THE FUTURE!”

Breakfast meats

For my money, bacon is the king of breakfast meats. I know, I know, me and everyone else on the internets, but I’m serious. There’s almost nothing you can do to bacon (outside of burning it until it is a charred black mess) that would make me not want to eat bacon. I’m even okay with turkey bacon, even though I feel it’s kind of cheating yourself out of real bacony goodness. I’m also a fan of Bacon Salt, because sometimes you’re out of bacon, and your roommate’s cooked an extremely filling but bland baked macaroni and cheese dish, and someone forgot to come get their Christmas joke gift three-pack of Bacon Salt.

Purely hypothetical.


Kentucky has way too many deer. Ordinarily I never see them, but this week driving to and from my grandfather’s visitation, I was reminded that Route 8 is basically untamed country with a road in it, and holy crap, so many deer. At least they decided to stick to the side of the road instead of dropping by to say hello to my hood.


Do you know, I actually had to look up the definition of naysayer? I think I’d been using it wrong. Turns out, not only am I related to several of them, I’m friends with at least one - and hey, guess which people I tend to regularly avoid like the plague? I like to think I have a few important differences from a naysayer. Sure, I’m a blunt, sarcastic jerk, but I still tend to see the good in most situations. (Keyword: most.) I still don’t believe in ghosts, though.


It’s difficult to define, but I know it when I see it - and it physically pains me when I cannot recreate it. Well, maybe pains isn’t the correct word. When I am writing, say, code that I know is elegant (my given medium), I am calm, confident, in control. When I am outside of elegant codework, everything seems jarring and difficult, and I myself tend to get jittery and lose focus if not actually forced to keep focus on the task at hand by some means. This is why I have so many half-finished, barely-started projects on my hands that I may never get back to.


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