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I used to develop software, did you know that? For fun. Everything from blogging tools to games, actual games, I took a stab at it just for fun. (The blog client this guy is talking about? Yeah, I made that.) I enjoyed doing it. Now, if I sit down at the computer, I’m there to play WoW.

I used to play other games, too. I’m a huge console gaming fan, still am. Own everything but an Xbox 360, and that’s only ‘cause it’s broken. Used to play TF2 with some regularity, used to get lost in RPGs on the DS or the PS2. I even like more casual games like Plants vs. Zombies. And I wasn’t kidding about the RPG thing. Ask my friends how often I raved about this or that game, and look at the stack of games sitting in my room, or in my apartment. Now, if I’m in my room, I’m probably going to the computer… to play WoW.

Did you know I used to be a regular roleplayer? I really don’t do any in-character, except on here, but I used to play regularly on several MUSHes. I’ve considered re-apping at one of them, which really set this whole thing in motion. Now I don’t even have MUSHClient installed because if I’m at a PC, my laptop or my desktop, I’m clicking the golden W in the navy circle.

I used to get out more. My friends still tell me nowadays they never see me, they miss me. I chalk it up to having three, no, four days a week where my evenings are tied up. I don’t miss going out to bars and getting utterly shitfaced (that’s just a result of growing up, I suppose), but I do miss regularly seeing people.

I used to exercise. Pretty regularly, too. I liked exercising. I wasn’t the healthiest person, no, but I did get into the kitchen and play around, I did walk or jog or lift a few weights from time to time. I’ve frankly turned into a slob over the course of the last year and a half. I have a closet - literally, a closet (I have two in my room) - full of laundry that needs to be done. I’ve gained a bunch of weight. I take less than 3000 steps a day. Let me repeat that: I walk fewer than 3000 steps a day.

I’ve had to take two semesters out of my graduate studies due to not doing homework. I bet you can guess why I didn’t do homework. I’ve started back this summer, and that’s the other reason for this post.

I used to blog about other things. I have a LiveJournal that’s fallen into complete disuse, I’ve started other blogs and stopped them before they’ve even started. I have a podcast with two of my friends - it’s probably the one thing I still do regularly. I used to like making films - the 48 Hour Film Project was one thing I always looked forward to every year. I missed it last year, for the first time in five years. I had a raid.

I can no longer tell you what my favorite TV show is. If you ask me why I stopped watching Heroes, I’ll tell you it’s because seasons 2 and 3 were absolutely stupid (and they were), but there’s no reason I haven’t started watching again. I occasionally catch something on the DVR but mostly it fills up before I get a chance to relax with it. I haven’t seen this entire season of House. I like House.

There’s a pattern here: every time I think of something I used to like doing, I realize I’ve stopped doing it because of WoW.

I guess in some respects I’ve still retained a lot of things other people haven’t. I’ve still got a great roommate and a fantastic girlfriend, I’m still only 4 classes away from finishing my Masters, I’ve still got a job I love doing even if it does stress me out from time to time. And WoW’s been beneficial in some aspects - or rather, blogging about WoW has been. I’ve made a ton of friends via my blog that I don’t think I would’ve met otherwise - hell, I almost became “internet famous” again. ;)

I’ve got a lot of things, but I really miss the things I don’t have anymore, all because I’m pouring my life into an MMO.

An MMO that’s really not fun anymore.

It stopped being fun a while ago and crossed into a realm halfway between addiction and obligation.

This isn’t an easy post for me to write, but gang, I’m done.

This is Stop, aka Queklain, aka Zulfon, aka a crapton of alts signing off.


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