How Do You Deal With “exploders”?

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anger You know the ones, the exploders - at the first hint of trouble, be it someone in the wrong place or someone asking a question on Vent at the wrong time, they’re the first ones to let their tempers flare. They’re quick with a “if you’re doing ________, you’re doing it wrong,” and they’ll snap at anyone who tries to calm them down. They may be raid leaders, they may be members, they may be officers. Maybe you’re a raid leader with one of these folks in your raid. Maybe you’re just a regular raider, in a position where you just have to suck it up and hope it’s not you they’re yelling at. Maybe it’s you.

How do you (or your raid group) deal with hot-tempered folks in raids? Sure, in progression, there’s bound to be some level of irritation as your raid throws themselves against bosses and endures huge repair bills, but I’m talking about those people who’re blowing up every week on any person for the tiniest thing wrong, even when it doesn’t affect what you’re doing because hey, you’ve got this boss on farm. The ones who raise their voices over trivial matters, and who - heaven forbid - can never be corrected on anything.


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