Blizzard, Fix This Nonsense

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Okay, seriously - can we stop with the random talent point refunds? I don’t even know what the criteria is anymore. During the first part of 3.1, it was pretty simple to figure out - the lowest (or close-to-lowest) talent taken that had multiple ranks bought from a trainer (i.e. rank 1 is from a talent but ranks 2 through whatever were from a trainer) would refund itself every time I switched back to a spec, leaving me about 7 talent points to respec. No big deal. Had to redo Heart Strike through Blood Gorged in my blood spec (I wasn’t taking Dancing Rune Weapon, are you kidding?). My tank spec would remove everything between Frost Strike and Howling Blast, inclusive. Also no big deal.

After the first minor update, everything worked fine. Specs no longer refunded talent points, I could spec and respec and swap back and forth freely and nothing would ever come back. Huzzah!

And now that we’re at or whatever it is… one of my specs now randomly refunds itself. Thanks! Here’s the best part: it only happens some of the time, but when it does happen, it’s only my DPS spec. While in my tank spec, I’ll flip back to my DPS spec, and I can already tell it’s gonna be a problem before I hit “Activate these Talents” because only one talent is shown (3/3 Improved Icy Touch), and it tells me I have 29 points to spend. (29? How random.)

Then when I switch to it, every talent point is refunded except 3/3 Improved Icy Touch.

Hey Blizzard: respeccing 7 points in Blood or Frost while you work on a fix is not a big deal. Respeccing an entire 17/51/3 build every time I switch from tanking to DPS - a problem THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY ALREADY FIXED - is an enormous fucking pain in the ass. FIX THIS BULLSHIT.

There, I feel better.


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