Archiving Your Combat Log and Screenshots (for Windows)

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(3:37:17 PM) Nibuca: Lesson learned: make sure to delete your wow combat log more often than once every 4 months

For those of you who log, for use with WoW Web Stats or one of its ilk, you may not have noticed but there are a couple interesting facts about the WoW combat log:

  1. It’s super-verbose, meaning it grows really quickly as a result, and

  2. WoW never deletes it, archives it, or starts a new one - when you turn off then turn on logging, WoW will gleefully keep appending to the same file.

As a result you can end up with a combat log over 5 million lines long, like Nibs above. Yikes! Well, if you’re a Windows user, I’ve got a solution you can use to automate some of this, to take the tedium out of needing to edit a log or archive it manually. Follow me past the break…


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