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I’m not sure if you know this, but like some sort of creepy Internet Matlock, I can actually see what search strings bring you to The Stoppable Force. A few interesting ones have cropped up, and so I thought I’d take this time to respond to some of them and hopefully answer a few questions I know went unanswered.

  1. female death knight name generator
    I don’t actually know of a death knight generator for either gender, but for the love of all that is Unholy, can we please stop naming Death Knights by taking the word ‘Death’ or ‘Dark’ and appending a name to it? That trend was old on day 1.

  2. exalted with gelkis?
    Can’t be done. Nor can exalted with the Magram. They stop giving honor just shy of Revered, I believe. Sorry!

  3. death knight badge gear
    Heroism badges: This. This, if you’re tanking. You could do worse than this and this if you’re tanking, also. This is a good starter belt for you DPS-types, though haste’s better for the dual-wielders in general. Oh, and tier gear. Our token drops the most, but has the most classes on it, so you might want to skip ahead and buy some, if you can farm the badges up. Do not buy this, it has a terrible uptime.

Valor badges: these are fantastic for DPS, this is pretty good for tanky types, this is okay for deeps but there’s equivalents in Naxx and the occasional blue cape that’s just as good, you could do worse than these tank boots, these are a nice source of expertise, I’m fond of this DPS ring and this tank cloak, and - oh yeah - tier gear. Nice part about all the badge tank gear is none of it includes block. Well, good for us, anyway. Kind of sucks for warrior and paladins.

  1. tier 9 death kbight
    Whoah, whoah, whoah. Getting a little ahead of ourselves? Tier 8 hasn’t even come out yet.

  2. unmerging my battle.net account
    You can’t. Moving on.

  3. too many death knights
    Tell me about it!


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