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trophy_clipart Apparently all I really needed on my Death Knight to rekindle my interest was, of all things, a PUG. When Bellbell is right, Bellbell is right. Murloc kisses, Bell!

So I’d popped online in Wyrmrest Temple, because apparently I thought logging out in Wyrmrest Temple was a good idea, and figured since I was there I’d do the temple defense quest. I only missed the achievement by 20 seconds or so - a new one for me - and then moved on over to Coldarra to hit Aces High. (I also looked sadly down at Kaskala and remembered that I should probably go help those walrus people again sometime. They probably miss me.)

While I was at Aces High, I decided for the hell of it to turn on Looking For Group and put myself in the list for the three instances I still needed to complete the non-raid portion of Champion of the Frozen Wastes: Heroic Ahn’kahet, Heroic Halls of Lightning, and Heroic Oculus. A more dastardly bunch of heroics ye could not ask for, yarrrrr. … Ahem. Where was I? Anyway, about the time I crossed from Coldarra to the Storm Peaks to work on the Brunnhildar daily, I got a whisper… “Are you still looking for heroic Old Kingdom?” Why yes, yes I am.

I then jumped into a group with some really cool people - organized, intelligent, geared, skilled, friendly, and actually pretty funny. Good folks. I tip my metaphorical cap to Ruckoning, Belan, and Nigl of Lunchbox Heroes, the unguilded Rageis, and Talaheo of Edge of Honor on H-Feathermoon - cool folks all around. (Ruckoning, Belan, Nigl, and Rageis were in the Old Kingdom group - but Talaheo joined us later - more on that in a sec.)

So Ruck, Belan, Nigl, Rage and I proceeded to blast through Old Kingdom; I’d never been there, but apparently I’d read enough to be useful. Army of the Dead really is useful on Insanity - took down my own images in record time, then proceeded to slaughter everyone else’s images. … Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but we then went on to Halls of Lightning and The Oculus. Yes, these guys helped me clear everything that was left to do for my Champion achievement except Malygos, netting the following achievements:

All those lovely emblems helped me get a Tattered Dreadmist Mantle to be shared among my spellcaster-type alts (the baby boomkek gets it first - those shoulders look ridiculously huge on a tauren, incidentally). I then went to Orgrimmar for some reason and knocked out Second that Emotion with Vandersloot’s help and, for no reason, Ragefire Chasm.

I think I’m going to try to find a Malygos raid soon. If anyone knows of a 10 or 25-man Malygos raid on Feathermoon (Horde-side) that could use an extra DPS who’s at least familiar with the fight, please let me know!


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