What Would Your Fountain Coin Say?

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us_one_dollar_coin Spotted at the forums and World of Matticus: what would your Dalaran fountain coin say? Thread-starter Palehoof says:

I saw a thread over on my realm forum which I really enjoyed, thought I’d mention the same over here.

High level fishermen (or fisherorcs, fisherbulls, etc) can fish in the Dalaran Eventide fountain and catch, occasionally, coins that figures from WoW history have thrown in, complete with the wish they made when they did so etched on the coin. My favorite is Landro Longshot, who wished “I wish i still had that coin.” Amusing from the purveyor of TCG loot items.

With that in mind, if someone caught your coin from the fountain in Dalaran, what would it say on it? I’ll start.

Palehoof Geargrinder’s Shiny Silver Coin:

“I wish I knew how to make a Mechanostrider!”


Bornakk later chimes in:

Bornakk’s copper coin: There are so many cool coins and you got mine, poor you!

As for me… hmmmm. We could go serious:

Zulfon’s Gold Coin: I wish to hear the spirits again… and for them to hear me too.

Or silly:

Queklain’s Shiny Copper Coin: They keep telling me not to stand in stuff. I wish the ground wasn’t so dangerous.

Or both:

Whitebough’s Silver Coin: I wish I could muster up the energy to wander out of town!


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