Too Long Without a Word

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It’s been a long time… okay, not that long. So what’ve I been doing? Well, I installed a little widget on my blog that shows my five most recent achievements, so you can keep track of those, at least!

Obviously, Zulfon dinged 80, as the previous post indicated. I ran an instance and was feeling sort of underwhelmed with her damage, plus I really didn’t feel like trying to do pet management on a class where keeping track of the pet is problematic at times (both for me and for the UI, apparently - there were a number of times where I showed up as the ghoul’s pet, or one or both of us wouldn’t show up at all, etc.) so I decided to go back to the spec I’d started with, Frost (17/54/0). Much better. I’m keeping pace with much better geared melee DPS, and even hanging with some BM hunters.

I’ve started running more heroics to get gear and badges, and started leveling mining and blacksmithing again. Both are in a respectable mid-200 range, and Zulfon’s technically a Master Axesmith. I was a little disappointed; I know there used to be a quest to get it, or so I thought, but now the NPC just teaches it to you (and in fact says you formerly had it…). Oh well. Disappointment aside, tradeskills are well on their way.

And as for the Feast of Winter Veil? Working on it! I helped feed Great-father Winter, and have the quests to go rescue Metzen and recover the stolen treats. Power-leveling cooking and unlocking Ogri’la are on my to-do list, as well!


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