Gearing Up: Dungeon Gear for DPS Death Knights

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  • This is a simple gear list. I’m going slot-by-slot pointing out things that jumped out at me. You may or may not want a specific piece of gear for a given location. That’s fine!

  • Most of this is heroic dungeon gear; a few pieces (Pauldrons of the Lightning Revenant come to mind) are from normal instances.

  • You probably won’t want to wear all of this stuff or you’ll be way over the hit cap. Look for plate items that replace hit with crit, attack power, armor penetration (note: mostly for blood-spec), or something else useful to you that’s not haste.

  • If you take spell plate, I will personally come to your house and delete your death knight for failing to grasp fundamentals. Don’t be a Death Knoob.

  • There’s also some really nice craftable stuff, so I guess there’ll be another post after this one, huh? Badge gear too. Maybe I’ll combine them into one.

  • I created my list with the following preferences as far as statting: Strength, stamina, hit, and crit #1; attack power #2; armor penetration #3; agility #4; haste #5.

  • Dual wielders will obviously value haste and hit a lot more than two-hand wielders; blood will value armor penetration more than other specs but it’s at least mildly beneficial to everyone.

  • Strength, hit, and crit are obvious, as are attack power, but if it comes down to more strength vs. more AP you should probably take the strength: DKs get 2 AP per point of strength, as well as other useful stuff. Strength is generally better.

  • Your opinion is valid, and you’re welcome to point out items I missed - some slots just plain don’t have a lot of items!

Now, without further ado, on to the list!


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