And the Winner Is… Dancing Rune Weapon?

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Can’t even make stuff like that up, folks. Later on, as I was completing other quests in Nagrand, an Ebon Gargoyle defeated Rokdar.

DK jumped up to 65 last night; soloed all 3 of Hemet’s mastery chains prior to Tusker… somehow I just don’t feel confident in taking on Tusker at level 65, despite taking on Banthar and Bach’lor solo at 63 (and Gutripper at 64). The same techniques for fighting these 3 also works on the Windroc Matriarch from Bring Me The Egg!.

For anyone looking to duplicate this feat as Blood, and looking for a few tips: each of them was a fairly easy kill. I started out with a Mark of Blood, waited until the Blood Rune was about half cooled-down, then pulled with Death Grip. Since these bosses were hitting harder than normal enemies, my spell rotation went Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Heart Strike > Heart Strike > Death Strike (instead of the usual Obliterate). At 100 runic power (which really doesn’t take long to get), I popped Dancing Rune Weapon, then started the whole thing over again. Never changed presences; I fought these guys in Blood Presence, just like I would any normal enemy.

If I dipped close to 1k hp I popped a potion, but I only had to do this on Banthar - his stomp made that one a little dicey, but Bach’lor (who does a knockback) and Gutripper (who… parries a lot? I never saw him do anything special) were much easier.


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