Growing the Family Tree, 50 Whelps at a Time

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Now I’m related to Breana!

Sunday night I logged on to find 4 guildies pummeling LBRS out of existence; I asked if I could hop into their instances so I didn’t have to deal with the (admittedly) two pulls before Vaelen so that I could finish up the Seal of Ascension; they said yes. I revealed this would let us into UBRS and up we went!

And then I reminded them this is where we could get Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!, which we did handily. The Jenkins Clan continue to grow! We also went up and killed Rend Blackhand for good measure (I even did the thing with the seal and summoned Vaelastrasz) as well as General Drakkisath, at which point I picked up his brand.


I hold very little faith in your ability to prevent outsiders from accessing the master’s lair. In the very likely event of your death, this orb has its own failsafe built in to prevent outsiders from teleporting directly into Blackwing.

Only those with the Mark of Drakkisath branded upon their hand may make use of this orb. Thankfully, Drakkisath is not nearly as incompetent as you, Quartermaster. He guards the brand himself!

-Warchief Rend Blackhand

P.S. Destroy this letter, idiot.

That is one stupid orc.


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