RP Friday Five - Pride and Service

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Courtesy of The Anna Brigade, an RP Friday Five I think I can actually answer.

Welcome to the October 17 Edition of the RP Friday Five! Every Friday, you’ll find a list of five questions to spark your roleplaying curiosity and flesh out a character a little more - hopefully without any of the long, supposedly painful searching to figure them out. This week’s five questions are related to what everyone in my guild seems to be thinking about - achievements (personal, in game, titled, and otherwise).

  1. What is your character most proud of?

  2. What traits does he or she really respect in another person?

  3. Does your character have any titles, and if so, does he or she actually use them?

  4. Is your character looking to get any recognition through the new system of achievements?

  5. What’s one silly, irrelevant, or otherwise not in character achievement that you think you’ll get, even if your character would NEVER do something like that?

  6. Queklain is most proud of his steadily rising kill count. (It’s almost like a brochure for adventuring: go to new and exciting locales! Meet interesting and exciting people! Then kill them!) He’s also rather glad he’s gone this far without succumbing to the demonic forces he holds sway over, and is rather proud of his recent mastery of ghosts.

  7. Queklain respects people with very dark senses of humor, patience, determination, and straightforward logical thinking. Even in a world where demons can be summoned at will, there are those who believe in the power of reason. Point A leads to Point B.

  8. Thus far, Queklain is title-free. He has an idea, though.

  9. One of the first assignments Queklain took on was an Ambassadorial role - summoned from his old haunt (pardon the pun) in Tirisfal Glades, he spent his formative seasons helping the newly-allied Blood Elves find a place in the Horde, then nearly singlehandedly rescuing the little village of Tranquillien. When the time came to cement the relationship between the elves and the Horde, Queklain served as an envoy (though even Sylvanas was surprised - “To tell the truth, I was expecting a blood elf,” she said). He’s worked on and off since then to cement his role with the Horde, and would like to be recognized soon as an Ambassador of the Horde.

He would also someday like to carry the title of Argent Champion, because he has a keen sense of irony.

  1. The one achievement I’ve gotten with Queklain that he would probably never get in-character is Tastes Like Chicken. Everything tastes like nothing when your taste buds are as dead as the rest of you.


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