Shared Topics: What Do You Wish Your Profession Could Do?

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The current shared topic on Blog Azeroth is ”what do you wish your profession could do?” I have two, so I’ll pick tailoring since I’m a little more familiar with it.

There’s one item I’ve always wanted to see tailors be able to make. It certainly wouldn’t be a moneymaker (I don’t think so, anyway, but people pay for weird stuff), it’s not exactly obscenely useful like Saresa’s suggestions for improving tailoring, but it’s just one of those fun things I’ve always wanted.

And, to top it off, I’ve heard rumblings we might get something like it in the game - even if tailors don’t make it. What is it, you ask?

I don’t know what the mats would be (hint: cloth, thread, probably bleach). However, I do know that basically, this would be the blank grey tabard until such time as you used it. Using the Personal Coat of Arms would open the same tabard creator that guild masters get when they go to create a guild’s tabard, it’d work exactly the same (except it’d be free), and you could change it pretty much any time you like. (And it’d give you a reason to always be toying with this Flash tabard creator.)

Mine, of course, would look something like this:

What were you expecting?

It actually looks pretty good, though finding the right frame to display this was difficult due to Horrible Forsaken PostureĀ™.


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