Quickly-ish, Things of Note

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  • There are only like 6 bloggers who aren’t in the beta. C’mon, Blizzard, you’re missing out here. Don’t make me write the article I want to write about Inscription for ‘locks.

  • WHad Libs! As in Wowhead. I’ll be doing that tomorrow, you can bet on it.

  • Joined a guild, so now I need to change my about page. Queklain is now a member of Fatalis.

  • And last but not least… well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Now I just need to catch up on enchanting!

  • Figured out that if I do every daily available to me right now (that I can stand to do… really, there’s only one I hate, that being Don’t Stop Now…, because of the stupidly low drop rate), it’ll take me almost exactly 3 weeks to get epic flying… assuming I spend no money, and gain money entirely via dailies. If I manage to unlock the Ogri’la and Skyguard dailies in Blade’s Edge, then that cuts about 5 days off of it. Sweet.


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