On Trying to Raid pre-Wrath

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Big ups to Bellwether of 4Haelz for doing a series on reason to get into raiding before Wrath. I’d been thinking of looking into joining a guild, and really still am, but let’s face it - I’ve never even been into Karazhan, the odds of me finding a guild that’d take me seem low… they really do.

In case you managed to miss it too: part 1 (why now is the best time to join), part 2 (finding a guild), part 3 (getting noticed by, and joining, said guild), and part 4 (pros and cons). There’s evidently a part 5 upcoming, but it’s been delayed by Bellwether’s move. It’s just a summation, anyhow - the meat of the commentary is in those 4 posts.

Anyone from Feathermoon got any insights? Any Horde guilds recruiting for as low as Kara? Please, let me know!


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