A Productive Weekend

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All in all, I got quite a bit done this weekend… in-game, anyway.

  • Friday I did a little farming with Queklain, starting with netherweb spider silk. I managed to find a good place to hunt down Primal Water, a primary ingredient of the Shadow’s Embrace set. While I have had a set of Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders for some time now, last night I added Frozen Shadoweave Boots as well. Now I just need to push tailoring from 366 to 375, create the robe, gem out the boots, enchant the boots, gem out the robe, and enchant the robe. Phew! It feels like I’ve been working on this thing forever.

  • Played the AH a little bit, made a couple hundred gold. Also sold off some Spellcloth, and had a decent world drop while farming those primal waters. Actually momentarily considered using it myself, until I remembered I’d be replacing it anyway.

  • Ran heroic Ramps. This was actually my first heroic! No luck on the drop I wanted, though.

  • Saturday, I took the Wonder Twins (as Vandersloot has nicknamed Eladhon & Xajek) along with Van’s paladin Zaxx and our friend Cochlaeus, and the four of us (five if you count Leatherneck) blew through Shadowfang Keep. It was overall pretty effortless, other than the fact that we wiped the first time on Arugal because - of course - he werewolf’d Zaxx, who - along with Arugal’s Void Bolts - made short work of us. The next time, I used a Freezing Trap on the steps right behind Zaxx, and proceeded to put arrows into Arugal (and Mind Flays and Mind Blasts) from across the room. That worked out much better, as Werewolf Zaxx got stopped in his tracks and Arugal quickly ate a face full of DPS. Win!

  • And, finally, I started the Ritual of Doom quests, The Prison’s Bindings and The Prison’s Casing. Had a small giggle when I accepted the second quest and Daio the Decrepit, the clearly warlock-y human hanging out in the Blasted Lands, told me “Light bless you” when I accepted the second quest.

That’s really all. – Oh, and I ran a couple AVs with Vandersloot, as well as our friends Mishkar and Barna of Warsong Aces. It went pretty well, though as usual I added little to the AV (except, for a few minutes, tanking the Alliance onslaught with my face); however, I am now halfway to a Frostwolf Howler, so I guess that’s something to work on in my off-time.

We’re going to form the most gimped arena team ever! It’ll be great! Phat epix, here we come!


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